“Leaders and Leadership” – University of Derby

Vice-Chancellor, John Coyne:

“It was no accident that we chose Kavita Oberoi as our keynote speaker. Her story had so many parallels for us as an Institution in terms of her personal history.

“My admiration for her as an entrepreneur is not in the ultimate success she now enjoys, but the journey she has followed and the vision and drive she possesses; “I dream it, visualise it and do it!” she said.

Kavita gladly accepted the opportunity to be the Keynote Speaker at the University of Derby’s third Annual Staff Leadership Conference.

The conference was particularly well attended and some of the feedback can be seen below.

“Kavita’s speech encompassed a lot of the core values of the University and certainly encourages positive thinking.”

“Kavita Oberoi was amazing and inspirational, the importance of considering a students life outside of the University was highlighted and this is something that Derby being friendly and supportive prides itself in, I think it helps to be reminded of the impact our decisions have on a students life is useful.”

“Kavita was a different style of speaker for us but there were some key messages to take away – about seizing opportunities and that this may not be an easy option; consideration of others personal circumstances, beliefs and cultures, what we see may not see the whole story.”

"Leaders and Leadership"

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